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  Studies by the DOE find that in industrial facilities up to:
30% of the air produced is lost due to leaks
15% of the energy consumed for air generation is wasted due to system over pressure
20% of energy consumed in rotary screw or centrifugal screw based systems is lost
  due to inefficient system modulation
20% of the energy consumed is do to incorrect application of compressed air technology

Optimized systems use 40% less connected HP than non-optimized systems and their Operations and Maintenance cost per CFM is 40% less. In other words total potential savings in large, multi air technology, uncoordinated systems is 40 to 70%.

Precision Compressor Parts offers full system optimization including:

• Leak Detection Services: We use variable frequency ultrasonic devices and we are constantly amazed at how many practitioners of ultrasonic inspection don't completely understand the basic physics behind this versatile technology. Frequently they do not know the "true" frequency response of their instruments, or the process by which ultrasonic signals are translated for listening, trending, and spectral analysis. The lack of this knowledge can result in a false sense of security, unrealistic expectations, and a failed program. This ultrasonic air leak detector makes use of a newly developed digital technology, where the ultrasound (20-100kHz) produced for instance by a compressed air leak, is transformed into a digital signal which the user can see. All leaks are field tagged according to size and their location noted on drawings. An economic analysis determines which should be fixed and those that should be monitored. Typically less than 15% of the leaks account for 85% of the air loss volume. These quick pay back projects (less then 4 month return) are highlighted for repair.

The Cost of Leaks

Existing Analysis: Air supply works best as inputs to a continuous loop Precision Compressor Parts will analyze and if recommend design changes require to establish proper loop design and Capacitance.

Pressure Analysis: Almost all process system equipment is designed to run at a air system pressure of 80 PSIG yet according to DOE analysis the average plant maintains a 107 PSIG system pressure. This excess pressure requires 13.5% more energy. Our experts will analyze the process air users to determine high-pressure operations and amplitude/duration of demand so that such high-pressure applications if they exist, can be individually managed leaving the system to operate at lower more efficient pressures.

Technology Optimization: A survey will be undertaken to ensure most effective technologies are maximized and that best modulating technologies are used for swing loads. Large reciprocating compressors generate 5.2 –5.7 CFM/HP and loss only 5% efficiency in the operating capacity of 10% to 100% load. Rotary screws in the modulating mode drop from 3.8 CFM/HP to 0 CFM/HP at 50% load so arranging the best technology in the system for swing and base load can save over 20% of you system energy cost.

Control Development: Proper controls not only maintain safety to individual machines they ensure the technology and size of machine is used to maximum effectiveness. Plant wide control systems can reduce air cost up to 30% and when connected to economic algorithms provide operations minute-to-minute system cost visibility.

· Purchasing Program: Precision Compressor Parts will analyze maintenance and purchasing methodology and analyze common spare potential and develop a program blend of OEM and aftermarket supply to ensure that required costs are minimized.

We have spent a lifetime servicing this technology let us help you improve your operation.

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