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Precision Compressor Parts is an authorized Case Controls distributor. We offer plant air control systems for all makes and models in multiple compressor systems:
Rotary Screw Compressor Systems
Reciprocating Screw Compressor Systems
Centrifugal Compressor Systems
Mixed technology Systems where two or all three compressor technologies are present (Rotary Screw, Reciprocating or Centrifugal Compressor)

Our system is common platform open architect Allen Bradley PLS System utilizing the SLC-5/04 processor. This rugged familiar non-proprietary PLC allow customers easy system access. We measure and control all compressor variables and with algorithms optimize your system for energy conservation and preventive maintenance we practices.

Our systems are as complex or a simple as you need but with over 600 installations they not only work on the average they can improve individual machine performance by 10% and reduce system energy cost by up to 30%.

All systems allow for:
Data trending and data archival couples with reports to drive PM Programs.
Off-site monitoring
Emergency notification to staff via cell, e-mail, beeper or pager if any variables approach a danger zone.
Floating master control boards in each individual controller so that should a master control be disabled its function is immediately picked up.

These controls can replace any OEM controls such as MP3, Ingersoll-Rand, Joy, Gardner Denver, Sullair, Elliot and Clark Compressors. They break the systems on cycle of obsolesce and dependence on OEM black boxed. They connect easily to you plant network and we provide 24 hour support.

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