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Precision Compressor Parts is an authorized Distributor for Sloan Brothers lubricators. Whether you need 1 pump to 24 pumps we have the Lubricator for you. We Can also rebuild almost any older model of lubricator. Most new lubricator orders and repairs are turned around and shipped back the same day we receive them.
We repair a large variety of pumps: Madison Kipp, KLS, Manzel, Lubriquip, Premier, Lincoln and SB. We have SB-2000 in stock which is a direct drop in for Model 55 style pumps, either for pressurized or vacuum systems.
Use Sloan Bothers Wizard Controls for your lubricator monitor & control systems needs.

No matter what make, model or style of lubricator or lube system you have in operation, there is a way to monitor and protect the delivery. If you have pump to point lubricators, that protection capability is limited to "no flow" switches or alerts, level switches, or shaft rotation alarms.

If you have a divider block system like Sloan Brothers Watchman, the monitoring options re more numerous. The exclusive Wizard monitor has become a compressor industry standard for displaying and protecting the delivery from divider block systems. Combined with a proximity switch, a Wizard is the best option available on the market to protect your compressor.

Omni-check check valves are a staple of any properly functioning lubrication system. We have double and single poppett valves which are all made from 303 SS. Each is operationally tested to make sure it will provide years of solid service.
We offer drop in Divider Blocks for all makes and models. SB series is 100% compatible with all major manufacturers: Madison Kip, KLS, Mazel, Lubriquip, Premier and Lincoln. Available up to 7500 PSIG

Combined with SB Divider Accessories such as the SB-PRX Proximity Switch or SB-CI Cycle Indicator and SB-2000 pumps, you will have the most accurate and reliable lubrication system available anywhere. Sloan Brothers Divider Blocks are already standard equipment for over 20 OEMs - why don't you try them on your system today?

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