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At Precision Compressor Parts, we have the expertise available to solve all your process heat exchanger needs. Single and 2-phase-flows, liquid-to-liquid, single and multiple condensable in the presence of or absence of non-condensables, no process is too complex. Our products are engineered to meet rigid standards and quality is always our first priority. Units can be provided in accordance with ASME code certification or ASME/TEMA-C design criteria and compliant with your plant standards. Our products can be fabricated in a variety of materials including copper, cupro-nickel, carbon and stainless steel, nickel alloy and other exotic metals. Correct material selection will insure long life of the heat exchanger even in the most corrosive services.

For compressors we can repair or provide air and oil coolers for all rotary screw compressors including Atlas Copco® Z Series, Ingersoll-Randand®, Joy®, Elliot®, and centrifugal coolers including Elliot, and Joy etc.*

Precision Compressor Parts understands the critical importance of minimizing downtime and meeting the customer's need for flexible and fast service. Do you have special maintenance, mechanical, process or economic concerns? Precision Compressor Parts has the expertise to solve all your heat exchanger requirements. We will provide the technical support to ensure a proper design to suit your demanding schedule and also be cost efficient.

In addition to direct manufacture and heat exchanger repair we offer Thermotransfer Basco, RP Adams, Pingle, Hiross and ITT fine products for your heat transfer needs.

Our commitment is to provide you with the quality products you need!!! Call us for repair or manufacture of:

- Aftercoolers                               
- Intercoolers
- Hydraulic Coolers
- Oil Coolers
- Condensers
- Finned Heating Coils
- Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
- HVAC Coils

    *Precision Compressor Parts is not affiliated in any way with the OEM brands listed

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