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Precision die-formed end caps and intruded tube holes increase brazed joint strength for years of leak-free service.

Heavy weight steel or brass threaded inlet and outlet connections for strength and durability.

Positive and controlled expansion of seamless copper or cupronickel tubing guarantees uniform heat transfer between the tube and fin.

"Made to fit" casings provide trouble-free installation. Extruded tube holes reduce coil failures where the tube contacts the casing.

Reduced operating costs, high performance or cleanability are met through a variety of fin surfaces.

Vents and drains standard on all fluid coils.
  - Evaporators & Condensers
- Water Cooling
- Removable Head Cooling Coil
- Fluid Heating
- Fluid Cooling
- Cleanable Construction
- Refrigerant Service
- Booster Coil
- Steam Coil
- Heavy-Duty Multi-purpose Coil
High side refrigerant coils will be individually engineered to meet your unique requirements. Fin spacing, circuiting and fin design can all be varied to assure your performance, air and tube side pressure drop limitations are maintained. 

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