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Specialized service includes parts or repairs for pistons, piston rods, crankshafts. Babbitt bearing (replace or Re-Babbitt), crossheads, new valves, reconditioned valves, cylinder boring and sleeving, cold repair cracked cast iron, cleaning water and air passage ways, repairing/replacing inter and after coolers, lubrication systems, oil/water separators, new rings, rider bands, packing and scrappers

Precision Compressor is the premier reciprocating compressor specialist in the US. Whether your needs call for repair, maintenance, parts redesign or special projects we can do the job. We have refurbished and serviced in excess of 12,000 reciprocating compressors for large industrial facilities. We have developed new lubricants; valve materials and controls to further take advantage of this most efficient technology. Our clients average 14 years with our company and we earn our business on every job. We stock major parts for all major brands and for most parts can deliver in 48 hours. We also have many machines in storage in the event of catastrophic failure that can be reinstalled. Under our maintenance program it is not uncommon to reduce O&M cost by half, double valve life and reduce cost of parts by 30% over OEM levels. If required we can design or remanufacture steam recompression systems, steam driven compressors, high pressure soot blowing compressors, booster compressors, landfill gas compressors, special ammonia, hydrogen freon, methane coke gas compressors.

1) In place rebuild of 3 Ingersoll-Rand PRE-2 plant air compressors (600, 800 & 1000 HP) Scope included; the rebuild of inter and after coolers, boring and sleeving of cylinders, rebuild low pressure inlet and discharge valves, repair high pressure inlet and discharge valves, new bearings and shims, piston repair, rider-bands, oversized high and low pressure rings with expanders, scrapers packing. This project was completed in 15 working days, at $100,000.00 less and in 5 weeks sooner the OEM quotes.

2) In place rebuild of 400 HP PRE-2 that had been shut down for two years, Scope included main bearing repairs, main bearing shims, rebuild low pressure inlet and discharge valves, repair high pressure inlet and discharge valves, rebuild of low and high pressure unloader valves, packing scrapers, new high pressure piston rod, polish low pressure piston rod, replace main bearing temp probe and oil gauges, oversized high and low pressure rings with expanders, cleaning of water jackets, new crank pin and wrist pin bearings, rebuild cylinder lubricators, remove and repair damaged crank pin and counter weight, straighten high pressure connecting rod and cryogenic motor cleaning and insulation. Total project time 15 working days.

3) In place rebuild of Chicago Pneumatic 1000 HP compressor including metal stitching of 14 cracks in heads and cylinder, new HP piston casting, piston rod, boring and sleeving HP cylinder, new lubrication system and new valves and unloaders.

Special Rebuild Projects:

· IRCO XPV-1, 28*28*21*21*30 (Coke Oven gas compressor unit)
· IRCO XHE 1000 HP 2 stage, 4 cylinder unit
· IRCO XPV, 41*41*25*25*30 (Steam driven compressor units)
· IRCO HHE, 500 HP air booster compressor
· IRCO ESH-1, single stage double acting anhydrous chlorine compressor
· Worthington combination YC-2/HB-1, two stage argon recovery and booster compressor (3 units)
· Clark 3500 HP 5-stage Freon recovery compressors
· Pennsylvania Pump/American Air Compressor AF-1, steam booster compressors
· Hydrogen Compressor 165psi, 350 CFM
· IRCO ESV-1, modified to be natural gas compressor exceeding API 618 requirements
· Modified Worthington HB-5, 5-stage, 5000 psig, air compressor
· Packaged Gardner Denver W class, 3-stage single acting 300 PSIG air compressor
  powered by Diesel engine
· IRCO XRE-1, ammonia compressors for 3 million cubic feet of cold storage warehouse space
· Cooper Bessemer, 1500 HP methane (landfill gas compressors)
· 5-stage Norwalk, 5000 PSIG Hydrogen compressors
· 1600 PSIG helium compressor
· (2) 10,000 hp Clark, gas engine driven, pipe line natural gas transmission compressors
· Hydrogen circulating compressors for fuel cell research
· Maintenance contract for 7 special made 40,000 CFM, 13,500 HP coke gas compressor.
  These were single stage double acting air compressors with 86’’
  air cylinder and 36’’ drive cylinder for blast furnace.

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