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Mattei Compressors
Sliding Vane technology with today's materials and design is the most cost effective rotary compressor on the market. Its design provides substantial maintenance and operating cost advantages over traditional rotary screw technology. Units are direct coupled at 1780 RPM for longer bearing life and it is not uncommon for the rotary stator unit to exceed 100,000 operating hours between overhauls. Precision Compressor is proud to represent Mattei Sliding Vane Compressors . We provide a complete line from 2-150 HP. Pressure ranges go from 125 to 150 PSIG.


• Complete ready-to-use air systems
• Superior air quality (only 1-3ppm oil carry-over)
• Effective cooling systems
• Modern design and controls
• Low noise level (as low as 61dB(A) on AC models)


• Advanced control systems
• Continuous or automatic operation. Blow down on idling mode to 19 psi
• Direct drive and low rotational speed of only 1750 rpm
• Capacity regulation and energy saving under partial load
• Advanced rotor stator design

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